About Us

Built by email marketers with 20+ years of experience managing and maintaining large email lists for ourselves and a boutique list of clients. Meet the people who live, breathe, eat and sleep email marketing (can you really eat email?)

Marc Goldman
CEO & Co-Founder

With 20+ years experience running email businesses, Marc is considered one of the worlds top email delivery & email marketing experts. Marc is obsessed with turning EM13 clients into raving fans by helping them get the best results from email marketing

Terry Goldman
COO & Co-Founder

Terry Goldman is highly logical, detail oriented, incredibly focused and extremely organized which allows her to make important decisions on everything from company finances to marketing strategy, positioning and website development. If something we do makes sense, she had a hand in it.

Lee Collins
Chief Marketing Officer

With 20+ years of military and senior corporate leadership experience, Lee is the guy experts call when they need help. Since 1999, Lee has built 4 successful businesses of his own while helping his students, clients and partners create just north of $300 Million in product sales.

Dave Goldman
VP of ISP Relations

Dave maintains the relations with internet service providers and ensures that mail is reaching EM’s customers in the ISP relations and list management leadership roles. He looks forward to being able to impart some of his best practices and keep his workplace enjoyable and profitable.

Frederico Boaventura
Senior Systems Engineer

Frederico brings high expertise in System and Network administration, with focus in software and platform security. EM13 benefits from his knowledge to fully administrate Linux, Unix, BSD and Microsoft servers environments.

Mary Stone
Support Team Lead

Tenacious is just one of many words to describe Mary. Which is why she makes a perfect addition to our team. Her extensive background in Marketing and Public Relations gives her insight to multiple aspects of business, including her customer relations and support role for EM13.