THANK YOU for your interest in an EM13 Account!

We have spent the last 12 months of sleepless days and nights developing this new platform for serious email marketers only. For that reason, when you login to the online dashboard, the first thing you will notice is that there are no drag and drop campaigns and no funnel builders. No complicated options.

Just email. That’s what we do. 

Check out the demo video below to have a peek inside:

See? Simple. You make your money from email, and email is our focus. Our ONE thing.

We like to say…

“We care more about your email delivery than you do”

What this means to us is we want your emails to inbox. And everything we do together as you participate in this beta phase of our development is intended to guide us in that direction to be the leader in email inboxing.

What you’re getting right now:

1. EM13 high-volume email account.

2. The ability to send up to 1 Million emails per month. That’s up to 33,333 emails per day. (You can upgrade if you need more).

4. Special Limited One-Time Offer: Pay full one year in advance for a 1M/month account and save an additional $1000.00 ($10,000 for you instead of $12,000) PLUS you also get free access to our behavioral email targeting integration that turns even your non-openers into cash!

(*NOTE: This offer for bronze access to the email targeting integration is ONLY for the standard 1M/month account or greater. Expected availability for this integration is early July at a price of $500+ per month, but you will get a Bronze account free when you pay 1 year in advance for a 1M/month or more EM13 account.).


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